mosaic private equity
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mosaic private equity

mosaic private equity (mpe) is a private equity business with a different approach. It addresses two opportunities in the market.

Firstly, a funding gap exists for those businesses requiring equity investment up to £10m. This gap has been created by the requirement for traditional private equity houses to complete ever larger deals, a feature of the weight of money which needs to be invested by the industry as a whole.

Secondly, highly successful business people with a wealth of first hand experience in building and exiting companies desire exposure to high quality private equity investments. mpe provides a route for these individuals to invest in institutional quality deals where they can bring to bear the benefit of their experiences, good and bad, in growing businesses and successfully exiting for maximum value.

mpe was founded by Paul Newton and Mike Rogan, based on their substantial experience in private equity where they have worked together since 1999.

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